high key black and white headshot

Headshot Photography

Headshots are an important investment in many different areas and professions. From business owners to models and actors, it is often the first piece noticed about you on an online profile or social media. It may be the first introduction on your corporate or business website. In an online and connected world, you are your brand.  A good high quality headshot is more important than ever in helping people connect with you. It can set you apart from your competitors and convey that initial sense of professionalism or introduces you to a casting director or business looking for a specific face.

Corporate Headshots

In the corporate/business world it is important to create that sense of professionalism in a way that engages your audience, conveys you as not only a brand but reflects that personality that you want to convey. It is important to take into consideration who your target customer is. Are you an edgy and new business trying to attract the 20 somethings that are your target demographic? If so, pictures of you and your staff in suits inside a board room against a mahogany book case may not be the best scenario. Perhaps a more relaxed atmosphere in jeans and t-shirts may be more appropriate. Maybe something outdoors.

Similarly, the inverse of this is also true. You may not want to appear too casual or irreverent  in your headshots if you are in a field such as a lawyer, investment banker or insurance agent. Then, a strong presence in an appropriate environment is an important element of a headshot.

Modeling and Acting Headshots

For a modeling or acting there are similar considerations. You will want to show multiple looks. A casting director or client may want a “soccer mom” and will pass by the image of someone that doesn’t fit that type. Therefore it is important to have a range or variety to submit from your portfolio.  A lot of agencies these days have online portfolios that you may submit multiple images to.

The concept remains the same. You want to be able to convey who you are and/or what you can do to your audience. What we can do is consult with you about your headshots. We will go over the why, where and how with you and figure out locations, environments and what we all need to do to get that perfect headshot to suit your needs.