I love photography. I also love disc golf and this past weekend I got to combine the two. My buddy Roger owns Tiger Discs which happens to be a Salem Oregon disc golf store. He hosted this years Discraft Ace Race in Sublimity at Church Park. He asked if I would like to shoot some video and snap a few pics and I was happy to do so.

Event photography can be tricky as it is hard to communicate to someone outside of the event any emotion. Obviously weddings and other emotional events may fall outside of this statement as they are emotional by nature. I am not saying that photographing wedding is easy by ANY stretch of the imagination as it is quite the opposite. I just put it in a different category as the event photography I am talking about here. That being said an event like a disc golf tournament or corporate function like a Christmas party or sporting event can be more challenging to make interesting or relevant to someone not involved at the particular event.

What I tried to capture was the event being a little relaxing and raw. Disc golf is quite a bit less “formal” than ball golf and a little bit “indy” for lack of a better term. I kept the shots off the tripod for the bulk of the shots and left a little shake in there to keep it raw. The photographs were a little challenging due to the harsh sun and I am playing with a little less contrast in my images so this afforded me the opportunity to really try and take that into account.

Hopefully you find the resulting images interesting and as much as I wish I could have played in the event, I do enjoy the resulting photographs and video.